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Hey! You've arrived at Ramsey's personal webpage

I will gradually get around to porting more of my old content from my academic days to this new site, but for now I have at least put a repository of my papers back into a discoverable place (on the papers page linked at the top)

Oh yes, who am I? I'm this guy:

  • The CEO and Founder of Focal Point Positioning. We are in the process of making the little blue dot on your map on your smartphone, and in your car's navigation system, much better. You're welcome.
  • A Bye Fellow of Queens' College, Cambridge, and I help to teach computer science students there about things like machine learning, and data science, and entrepreneurship.
  • A Fellow of Royal Institute of Navigation (RIN) and a Chartered Physicist.
  • Previously I have held a senior postdoctoral position at the University of Cambridge, and have been a Principal Scientist at BAE Systems where I developed technologies such as the NAVSOP suite of positioning systems.
  • I was also the real life Q once upon a time, according to Top Gear magazine at least....
  • I hold three degrees in Physics from the University of Cambridge, including a PhD in the Effects of Multipath Interference on Radio Positioning Systems. I have also picked up multiple awards over the years from a variety of entities including the Royal Society, ION and IEEE.