Ramkumar Rajendran

Assistant Professor, IDP in ET, IIT Bombay, India

Research Interest

Learning Analytics, Affective Computing, Intelligent Systems, Educational Data Mining, Intelligent Learning environments, Learner Modeling, Cognitive Strategies, Self-regulated learning, Big data in Education, MOOC data Analytics, Natural Language Processing and Deep Learning.

About Me:

I am an Assistant Professor in IDP in Educational Technology at IITB. I also work as an external consultant to Education Technology companies in India and give presentation on topics related to my research interest like Learning Analytics, Active learning Strategies and Intelligent Learning Environments to educational institutes.

My research interest is on learning analytics in the intelligent learning environments (ILEs). The importance of providing personalized learning content to the learners has led researchers to include affective states, cognitive strategies, and metacognition (CAM) in the learner models of ILEs. Hence, my research goal is to help novice learners when they work on a complex decision-making problem in ILEs by studying the interaction between CAM processes to model their self-regulated learning behaviour using multimodal learning analytics.


  • Spring 2020: ET 605 - Adaptive Tutoring Systems
  • Fall 2019: ET 610 - Learning Analytics and Educational Data Mining.
  • Spring 2019: ET 805 - Adaptive Tutoring Systems. Also offered as CDEEP course.
  • Fall 2018 : ET 810 - Learning Analytics and Educational Data Mining (Co-teaching with Prof. Sasi Kumar)

Research Experience:

Community Involvement:

  • Served as a Program Co-Chair for IEEE International Conference on Technology for Education 2019 (T4E 2019)
  • Reviewer for International Journals and Transactions: IEEE TLT, IJDET, CPRI, RPTEL
  • PC member for International Conferences: ICALT, T4E, CTE, ICCE, AIED,...
  • Served as an executive committee member of IITB Alumni Association Japan Chapter form Mar2015 to Jun 2016

Talks, Workshop and Seminars:

  • Delivered an invited talk on "Effective Pedagogy in Classroom Teaching for Engineering Education" at Dwarkadas J Sanghvi College of Engineering, Mumbai. In this talk I discussed few active learning strategies including Peer Instruction, Think-Pair-Share and use of visualisation with PI. My talk is here: Link
  • Delivered an invited talk on "NLP in education" at Shah and Anchor Kutchhi Engineering College for a one week STTP. I talked about basic of NLP including Lemmatization, stemming, Minimum edit distance, and Bi-grams. Also, how NLP can be used in Educational domain. My talk is here: Link
  • My job talk is here. I talked my research interest from my grad days to Post-doc. Started with affective computing during grad, then worked on text mining, and pattern mining from user's interaction data. My goal of developing an ITS that adapts the content based Cognition, Affection, Metacognition, and Motivation (CAMM) is described in this talk.
  • Presented the multi-level learner model as a standard for Adaptive Instruction Systems (AIS) in CAIS workshop that held at Orlando. The talk is here. More about CAIS group is here
  • Talked about student modeling in ITS at educational institutes (e.g., VIT) in India

International Students:

  • Hosted student from Hokkaido University as part of STSI Program