Rakin has been involved in the music business for over 20 years. He started with the world renowned British rap crew Cash Crew. This group made their mark in the scene by being one of the most conscious groups of their time. As Cash Crew Rakin got to perform on the same stage as Hip Hop greats Wu Tang, Gang Starr, Digital Underground to name a few.

Rakin went on to form a new group Mecca 2 Medina they were the first Islamic hip hop group in the UK. Mecca 2 Medina have been at the fore front for over a decade in spear heading the Islamic rap movement which now has more than 100 crews. Mecca 2 medina have also performed globally including countries such as Sudan, Nigeria, USA,Sweden, Holland, France to name a few. Mecca 2 Medina have helped pave the way for many Islamic artists, who now choose to express themselves through rap or spoken word. Rakin is also the CEO of Crescent Moon Media a record label that works on developing and promoting new talent.

Rakin is also a teacher, runs workshops and is a life coach. He enjoys working with young people as he always says they are the future leaders of our planet.

Some of Rakin's Inspirations are Common, Nas, KRS, WU Tang, Pharohoe Monch, Hasan Salaam, Amir Suleiman, John Graham