Raj Kumar Sharma is a seasoned banker with a profound passion for writing, blending his extensive financial expertise with a gift for storytelling. Hailing from the serene town of Bhopal in central India, Raj Kumar embarked on a journey that seamlessly intertwines the worlds of banking and literature.

With a solid academic foundation from Bhopal University, Raj Kumar Sharma ventured into the dynamic field of banking and finance, where he has excelled in various domains. His impressive tenure in the banking industry spans a wide spectrum, including treasury management, credit analysis, trade finance, international banking, KYC/AML compliance, retail loans, and derivatives. Raj Kumar's extensive knowledge in these areas is further underscored by the numerous certifications he has earned, solidifying his reputation as a seasoned expert in the field.

Raj Kumar Sharma's passion for writing found its wings during his tenure as a trainer at a prestigious institute affiliated with a leading Indian bank. It was during this time that his exceptional case studies and financial insights garnered recognition, earning him top honors in competitions conducted by esteemed institutions such as the National Institute of Bank Management-Pune and the Indian Institute of Banking and Finance.

As a versatile author, Raj Kumar Sharma delves into both fiction and non-fiction genres. His literary portfolio boasts a collection of insightful books that bridge the gap between the intricate world of finance and the art of storytelling. Some of his noteworthy publications include "Balance Sheet Analysis," "Treasury Management: An Introduction to Forex and Derivatives," "Bull's Eye: An Investment Guide for Beginners," "Ratio Analysis," "Export Business: A Beginner's Guide," and a self-help book "My Choice My Life." These books serve as valuable resources for professionals, students, and enthusiasts looking to navigate the complexities of finance with clarity and confidence.


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