Recycle in PJ

There are few options and method to recycle in PJ.


Pejabat ADUN Bukit Gasing has started the Waste Separation and Recycling Initiative in all sections of Bukit Gasing constitency

Residents who live in these sections will be able to:

1) Separate recyclables and non-recyclables.

2) Place recyclables into a clear/transparent plastic bag and non-recyclables into your usual rubbish bag.

3) Place ALL your garbage bags, including the recyclables, into the usual orange bins as usual.

4) Both types of rubbish bags will be collected on by MBPJ's contractor the same 3 times a week as they do now.

Option 2:

Trash for Cash

Every second and fourth Saturday of the week, we are willing to pay for your trash. The prices will change according to the fluctuation of the market prices. This initiative is to encourage recycling among the B40 community and create an incentive for waste separation. Our recycling partners will send the items collected to the recycling factory. This initiative is open to all and not limited to Bukit Gasing residents or Malaysians.

We are located opposite Lek Seng Kopitiam, Seksyen 19, Petaling Jaya. We are there from 10am to 12pm.