You are what you eat - and it affects our Earth. Every little change you make has the potential to make a huge difference. 80 per cent of food waste is contributed by the unused parts of fruits and vegetables in food preparation, whereas the remaining 20 per cent is contributed by left-over food generated by consumers. In 2016, the Food Aid Foundation reported that Malaysians wasted almost 15,000 tonnes of food, including 3,000 tonnes of edible food, every day.

Here are some ways in which you can still eat the foods you love but in a greener way:

  • Buy only what you consume - fruits and vegetables have a short shelf life, so don't buy in bulk

  • Grow your own food - or start a community garden

  • Avoid processed food, especially processed meat

  • Reduce meat consumption - it's healthy for you and reduces carbon footprint.

  • Support your local traders - buy locally grown fruits, vegetables and meat.

  • Create a meal plan for the week - this reduces food waste and also helps you watch what you eat

  • Compost food waste - learn how below