Food AID

We provide food aid for those whose income are affected or lost during this pandemic. Please contact us in one of the three hotlines listed here.

Help share this to those who really need it if you are fine! Looking out for each other goes a long way in this pandemic. #KitaJagaKita

For further inquiries, email

Quarantine Care Package

We are also providing quarantine care packages that include oximeters for patients who have tested positive and are under home quarantine.

It is vital to have all monitoring devices with you when quarantining at home

Top Up

We are also providing top ups for those who cannot afford to top up their phones anymore during these trying times. Being stuck at home alone with no signal can truly be difficult and we want to address this concern


It is no surpirse that the need for mental health support is rising during this pandemic when people are put in isolation. If you need help, sign up with us now!

Cooked meals food aid

We recognize that many people might have been dependant on friends or family to buy them food on a daily basis or even tapao food everyday. This group of people are unable to cook for themselves,hence the regular food aid often provides minimum relief

We have brought our food aid to the next level to ensure that this group of people are not left out and do not eat instant food everyday. Call us, now if you need help!

If you know anyone in our constituency who might need our help, share with them this now!