Purchasing Information

Purchasing a Puppy

Confirmation, coat color, eye color, bone structure/thickness, gender, size quality, markings, coat color and type, energy level, instinct, blood lines and health testing are considered in the price of the puppy….The price range is listed below...

Black or Red Tri Males: $500.00 - $1000.00

BET (Blue Eyed Tri) Black or Red Tri Males: $900.00 - $1500.00

Blue or Red Merle Males: $900.00 - $1500.00

Black or Red Tri Females: $800.00 - $1200.00

BET (Blue Eyed Tri) Black or Red Tri Females: $950.00 - $1500.00

Blue or Red Merle Females: $950.00 - $1500.00

The price of the puppies will be listed in a specific price range until we can determine final price which is usually between 4-5 weeks of age.

We are happy to help you choose the puppy that will best suit your home, family and lifestyle needs. We want you to be confident and comfortable in your choice during the process of choosing your puppy.

We update our puppy page weekly and immediately upon a deposit being placed on a specific puppy. The puppy will be listed as:

• Available

• Sale Pending... for a puppy with a final cost established and accepted by the buyer.

• Sold... for a puppy which full payment has been received.

​Puppies that are identified with a ‘Sale Pending’ can become available again in the future if someone decides to pass on a advance deposit hold or is unable to complete the purchase agreement in anyway.

***A $300.00 deposit is required to hold your puppy of your choice.

***Please download Puppy Purchase Agreement and Health Guarantee document, read, sign and email to Raisingstarranch@gmail.com

***All puppies are sold as pets and without breeding rights. If you desire to arrange breeding rights this must be discussed and mutually agreed upon by buyer and seller at time of purchase.

The additional cost for breeding rights range from $200-400

***Puppy purchase balance is due 1 weeks prior to picking up or shipping your puppy. Or you may pay the remaining balance in cash on the day of pickup. Shipping cost must be paid in full prior to us making any arrangements for shipping.

Methods of Payment

We accept cash, money orders, certified check, wire transfer, Paypal, Apple Wallet, credit card (via Square or Pay Pal) , and personal check (which must clear the bank before pickup).

Paypal is a very secure method for deposits, payments, and/or to pay the entire purchase price of a puppy. Signing up for an account is simple, it’s free, and allows you to pay with a credit card if you prefer which is safe and secure. If you have a Paypal account you can use our email address RaisingStarRanch@gmail.com to make a payment directly to our account or Click the Paypal Link. The Paypal payment method requires that you add an additional 3.07% to the payment in order to cover Paypal’s transaction cost.

Pickup, Delivery, & Shipping

Communication is the key. Everyone’s situation is different and we will work with you to arrange a day and time for pickup. We will be happy to travel to meet up to 100 miles

We can help arrange air travel, pet courier or any other method of transportation at buyer’s expense (must be paid in advance)

When Deposit & Agreement is Received….

We will be happy to send you weekly puppy updates and pictures via email, text or Facebook. All puppies leave with a new puppy care package, personalized vaccination record/schedule and detailed instruction on registering your puppy with ASDR

***We reserve the right to refuse the sale of our puppies to anyone, at anytime for any reason***

To Make a puppy deposit or make a payment on PayPal, Please click on the PayPal.Me Link below....