From straight to gay,

It's GSA

What is this website about?

As someone who has been in and has a friend who is the President of GSA, I know how much research and resources go into just one club meeting. So as part of my Gold Award Project, I created a site that has a culmination of LGBTQ+ resources, events in history, and books with diverse characters. I have also including my Gold Award journey and what I have accomplished over the past 2 years.

The Faces of Pride

Our community is full of so many different people from all walks of life. This video is just a small sample of this great and loving community.

Faces of Pride

Book Donations

As part of my Gold Award I chose to provide LGBTQ+ books to school libraries, GSA clubs, as well as different organizations for LGBTQ+ youth. Below are compilations of all the book titles I donated as well as all of the locations to which I provided novels. A couple I started lending libraries for.

Donation of Books

A compilation of books which were generously donated to me. Thank you to everyone for their help!

Book Donation Delivery

A Great Big Thank You!

I never would have been able to come this far if it wasn't for all of the generous donations and promotions that I received over the past 2 years. To those who helped supply books for lending libraries across the state, to those who followed my journey on Twitter and were always by my side. I truly can not say just how much everyone's help means to me. I am so grateful for my wonderful community.