Rainboot Cove

Rainboot Cove is a fun educational series for young children. It is set in a small coastal town which is renowned for its fog and surf.

Its colorful inhabitants tell stories of the town and relate them to similar things that have occurred in history or in other parts of the world.

An example of such a story is when coastal erosion caused a cliff to collapse in Rainboot Cove taking with it an old unused goat shed. Well on the same day in Egypt a section of a temple belonging to Queen Cleopatra of The Nile was discovered in the sea just off the coast of Alexandria.

Throughout the stories the concepts of community, protecting the environment, and kindness are promoted. Each story ends with a short song by the house band on one of these themes. The house band is made up of a motley (but talented) group of performing rain-boots.

The stories are brought to life through a blend of storybook illustration, live action, direct to camera storytelling, and puppetry. Each episode is filled with music and humor that will appeal to adults as well as children.

Watch an Introduction to Rainboot Cove

Rainboot Cove is written and produced by Adrian Smith. The illustrations are by Adrienne Doherty. The music is performed by Trashcan Petunia.

For more information about the series please contact us at adrian@rainbootcove.com