Registration & Forms

If you are interested in joining Defenders Basketball, please contact the coach for the team you are interested in joining. See the Contacts page for information.

Registration Process

  • To register for Defenders Basketball, the parent/guardian/athlete must initially contact the head coach to express their interest (see the Contacts page of the website).
  • The head coach will develop their list of players and gather email contact information. This information will then be passed on to the Registration Coordinator and Treasurer.
  • Once we have sufficient information about the expected number of players, facilities expenses, and the number of games to be played for each team, player fees will be set and parents/guardians will be notified by email to register their student(s) and pay their player fees.
  • A registration form will be emailed to each family and must be returned to the Registration Coordinator along with payment in order to be registered for the program.

Varsity Commitment Form

Varsity Basketball Commitment Form.pdf

5th/6th & Junior High Commitment Form

JH Basketball Commitment Form.pdf


Defenders Waiver Form.pdf

Registration Form

2018 Defenders BB Registration Form.pdf