Letters of Recommendation:

Prior students: Please feel free to reach out to me if you need a letter of recommendation. Provided that I believe I can write a good letter on your behalf, I am always happy to do so. Here's a general list of what I need in order to write a strong letter of recommendation:

  1. Resume

  2. Any drafts of application materials you have, or any summary you have of what things you want me to emphasize

  3. Description, even basic, of what you want to focus on with your legal education/legal career

  4. Any relevant background information about yourself that you would want me to mention (ie: if you are a first gen. college student, or participated in a particular student group, etc)

  5. Please mention or attach any work you from class that you're proud of - such as a final paper or assignment.

  6. Most importantly! The deadline for the letter and how to submit it.

Other information about letters:

In general, faculty do not write general letters of recommendation - ie: letters that are not intended for a specific job/opportunity. Faculty also send letters of recommendation directly to the job or opportunity rather than to the student, though in some cases we may send a student a draft if something needs clarification.