🗓️ February 2018 @ Team DYO

✏️ Game Design

🛒 Released for PC via Steam. Demo available!


DYO is a local co-op puzzle platformer for one or two players. Separated by a split screen, you play as two Minotaurs trapped inside an ancient Labyrinth. The cursed maze grants the Minotaurs a unique ability: By the press of a button, they can hop back and forth between both halves of the split screen. Making use of this ability, it's up to the players to rearrange and manipulate the level structures of 30 carefully crafted levels in order to carve out a way to the exit.

DYO started out as a holiday project of two friends and me back in 2014. After winning the highly remunerated "Best Newcomer" Award at the German Video Game Awards 2017, we decided to work full-time towards the completion of DYO. DYO was released on Steam on February 14th 2018.


We were four people working on DYO. My credits include game design, sound design and music.

Release Trailer