Industry 4.0: Digital Twin

🗓️ July 2017 @ Fraunhofer Institue for Production Systems and Design Technology

✏️ UX & UI Design | Front-End, Graphic & Network Engineering


An exciting aspect of Virtual- & Augmented Reality is how these technologies can be utilized to assist us in our day to day activities and professions. During my study related internship at Fraunhofer Institue for Production Systems and Design Technology, I worked on various projects as part of the research cluster "Industry 4.0: Digital Twin". A digital twin is a virtual copy of a production site. In VR, Engineers can inspect and interact with the production site without the necessity of being on-site.

My biggest accomplishment was developing a bi-directional interface between a VR scene in Unity3D and a networked OPC Server with minimal latency. Through my interface, a person immersed in VR (HTC Vive) could interact with an on-site industry robot at the Fraunhofer IPK industry site.

After developing the bi-directional interface, I began prototyping various UX & UI Designs for the VR scene in Unity 3D, following the product requirements and Fraunhofer design guidelines. I also wrote several shaders in Unity Shaderlab/HLSL.


I developed a bi-directional interface for connecting Unity 3D with an OPC Server. I did the UX & UI Design for the Virtual Reality scene in Unity3D and wrote various shaders using Unity Shaderlab/HLSL.

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