🗓️ February 2015 @ University of Applied Sciences Berlin

✏️ Game Design | Level Design | Scripting (UE4 Blueprints)


Cub3d is a 3D puzzle platformer with stealth elements where you control a little guy trying to paint a giant but depressingly grey Rubik's Cube. When on the top surface of the cube, the camera and gameplay will switch into a top down perspective. When on the sides of the cube, the game will switch into a 2D sidescroller mode.

Cub3d's most unique gameplay feature is the player's ability to control the Rubik's Cube in a similar manner to how an actual Rubik's Cube operates. Using this gameplay mechanic, the player can alter the cube's layout in order to reach places they couldn't reach before and trap the guards patroling the cube's surface.


We were a team of 7 people working on this semester project. My credits include game design, level design and scripting (UE4 Blueprints).

Gameplay Video