Banger Adventures

🗓️ January 2017 @ University of Applied Sciences Berlin

✏️ Game Design | AI Design | Scripting (C#)


Banger Adventures is an agent-based life-sim/ tamagotchi game for smartphone and tablet pc where the player instructs a group of "Bangers" on the rules of survival. Bangers are not very smart creatures. They love apples - but without being taught to how to eat an apple, a Banger would starve to death even when standing right in front of an apple tree.

However, Bangers are quick learners: Once the player shows a Banger how it's done, the Banger will remember. If new knowledge is introduced to the group this way, nearby Bangers will watch and learn the tricks of their fellow companions. It's up to the player to teach them the way of life. But be wary of what kind of knowledge you introduce to the group! Try to not let the Bangers turn into roast beef, cannibals or zombies.


We were three people working on this project. My credits include game design, programming (Unity3D/ C#) & music/ sound design.

Gameplay Videos