Will the old bosses come back?

        • NO, the old (Island) bosses were removed because they are Islands lore and therefore nolonger on other DLCs allowed.

Will more Tek-engrams be added?

        • NO.
        • only the default Engramms from Dragon and Manticore are obtainable

Will there be an other boss encounter?

        • NO.
        • There will be no more Tek Bosses but there will be more Bossencounter like the Icequeen and Lavagolem.

When will the map be released?

        • We currently aim for a release near the end of this year (2017)

What´s in the next Update?

        • Bugfixes

What about the "Dragon-flying-away" bug?

        • We are aware of these but need more informations when it happens and videos showing it
        • If you want to help tracking that bug down post Videos showing the bug in the discord, please include also informations of what mods you are using, your rates and other settings
        • we mainly looking for videos showing the issue on offical servers
        • we may found a fix for the issue please help us varify https://survivetheark.com/index.php?/forums/topic/265514-dragon-issue-possibly-fix/

Will there be another Wyvern Scar?

        • most likly not

Will there be more dungeons?

        • No more are added as of current planing

Will there be new tamable Dinos on Ragnarok?

        • Most likely no unless a new dino is added to the original Island spawns.
        • Players will however see new boss battles much like the lava golem/Ice Queen that are not tamable.
        • Unless there is a Bison or Owl added, then those will totally be added to the map :D

Will Aberration spawns be on Ragnarok?

        • No, but players I assume will be able to transfer them unless Wildcard changes something.

Will the Ragnarok Team be able to use the Aberration assets?

        • Unfortanly Wildcard had to delay the release of Aberration and the devkit assets which prevents the use of those for the map

Will the Phoenix make an appearance on Ragnarok?

        • Right now we're a hard sell on this, and from a dev stand point want to keep it in Scorched Earth.
        • We have however been told from WC that we can add the Phoenix if we would like to, so things could change in the future.

Will the Ragnarok Team add any new biomes after the Desert?

        • After the desert that will be the last of new Biomes.

What is after the Desert Biome for the Ragnarok Team?

        • Bugfixes and work from WIldcard

Will the Desert Biome have the same weather effects as Scorched Earth?

        • Yes.
        • We are looking to NOT have the effects on electrical structures
        • meaning no effect on Generators or electrical