Professional Experience

Research Collaboration & consultation Experience

Research Collaborator (Remote)

University of Colorado, College of Eng. & Applied Science, Boulder, CO (11/2018-Present).

  • Collaborated with Dr. Mohammad Amin Hariri-Ardebili (Click for More Info) in Development of Structural Health Assessment Models & Seismic Uncertainty Analysis of Dams Using Convolutional Neural Networks & Deep Regression Encoders.
  • Developed Machine Learning Computational Models, MATLAB Programming Scripts, & Linux/Unix Parallel Computing Platform.
  • Working on An Under-Preparation Publication.

Research Consultant & Collaborator (Remote)

University of Massachusetts, College of Health Sciences, Lowell, MA (08/2018-Present).

  • Conducted Research in Brain Connectivity Disruption, Network Modulations, & Poststroke Interventions Under Supervision of Prof. Lynne Gauthier (Click for More Info).
  • Developed New Measurements, Metrics, & Indices by Analyzing Raw Brain Connectivity & Neuroimaging Data.
  • Developed Rigorous MATLAB Simulations & Programming, & Relevant HPC & Parallel Computing Resolutions.
  • Involved in Development, Preparation, & Revision of Publications & Proposals.

Research Consultant (On-Site & Remote)

Ohio State University, College of Eng., Columbus, OH (05/2018-Present).

  • Gave Consultations to Develop Data Generation Techniques & Accelerated Machine Learning Models for Materials Design Under Supervision of Prof. Nan Hu (Click for More Info) in Versatile Structures Laboratory.
  • Gave Consultations to Develop Characterization & Shape Optimization Models for Design & Simulation of 3D-Printed Construction & Architectural Materials.

Research Collaborator (Remote)

College of St. Scholastica, Physical Therapy Program, Duluth, MN (05/2016-Present).

  • Collaborated with Prof. Alexandra Borstad (Click for More Info) in Computer-Aided Constraint-Induced Movement Therapy & Post-Stroke Restoration of Sensorimotor Control of the Upper Limb.
  • Involved in Development of 3 Publications.

Teaching & Tutoring Experience

Course Development & Teaching

Johns Hopkins University, School of Eng., Baltimore, MD (09/2019-Present).

  • To Conduct Office Hours for Students & to Manage Course Materials Over An Online Platform.
  • To Develop & Teach A Graduate Level “Introduction to Machine Learning” Course for Eng. Students.
  • To Develop MATLAB & Python Programming Assignments for Eng. Students.

Machine Learning Tutoring

Ohio State University, College of Eng., Columbus, OH (05/2018-08/2018).

  • Conducted Several Presentations & Tutoring Sessions to Teach Machine Learning Techniques to the Members & Students in Prof. Nan Hu’s (Click for More Info) Versatile Structures Laboratory.

Deep Learning & Optimization Tutoring

Ohio State University, College of Medicine, Columbus, OH (06/2017-08/2018).

  • Conducted Several Tutoring Sessions to Teach Deep Learning & Optimization Techniques to the Members, Undergraduate Students, Graduate Students, & Postdocs in Prof. Lynne Gauthier’s (Click for More Info) Neurorecovery Laboratory.

Capstone Supervising & Optimization Tutoring

Ohio State University, College of Eng., Columbus, OH (02/2017-12/2017).

  • Assisted in Supervising & Tutoring An Undergraduate Student on His Capstone Project About Optimizing A Plate Girder Bridge in Ohio Using Neural Dynamic Optimization Algorithm.
  • Assisted in Supervising Three Under Grad Students on Their Masters’ Thesis in the Areas of Design Optimization & Health Assessment of Suspension Bridges Using Deep Learning Techniques.

Graduate Teaching Assistant

Ohio State University, College of Eng., Columbus, OH (08/2014-12/2016).

  • Conducted Limited Course Tutoring for A Graduate-Level Course “Earthquake Eng.” for About 12 Students.
  • Conducted Office Hours, Developed Homework & Solutions, & Limited Course Materials for Two Undergraduate-Level Courses “Structural Analysis I” & “Structural Analysis II” for Totally ~200 Students.
  • Conducted Office Hours, Grading, & Tutoring for An Undergraduate-Level Course “Steel Structural Design” for ~85 Students.
  • Developed, Designed, & Managed Course Materials for A Graduate-Level Course “Intermediate Steel Structural Design,” & Conducted Office Hours for ~25 Students.
  • Involved in Course Development & Tutoring for A Graduate-Level Course “Bridge Eng.” for ~25 Students.

Tutoring Mechanics of Materials

Azad University, Central Tehran Branch, School of Eng., Tehran, Iran (09/2012-12/2012).

  • Developed Course Materials, Homework & Solutions, & Presentations for ~100 Students.
  • Maintained Office Hours.

Industrial, Design, & Construction Experience

Research & Collaboration

CTL Eng. Inc., Depts. of Construction & Concrete, Columbus, OH (07/2017-09/2017).

  • Analyzed Available Concrete Samples Data Including Ingredients, Mix Designs, & Postconstruction Properties Such as Compressive Strength.
  • Developed A Computer-Aided Concrete Mix Design Model Using Neural Dynamics Optimization, Bayesian Neural Networks, & the Virtual Lab Concept to Minimize the Cost of Mix design in Scale of 10% to 20%.

Structural & Foundation Designer, & Construction Manager

Self-Employed, Tehran, Iran (06/2009-11/2012).

  • Designed the Architectural Plan (AutoCAD), Designed the Steel Structure & Foundations (SAP & ETABS), & Managed the Construction of A 7-Story Residential Building (Totally 18,800 Square Feet) in Tehran, Iran.
  • Developed Contracts, Managed Sub-Contractors, Estimated the Construction Costs, & Involved in the Process of Materials Purchasing & Construction Mgmts.

Services & Memberships

Symposia Co-Organizer

2019 MACH Conference, the Hopkins Extreme Materials Institute, Annapolis, MD (April 04-05, 2019).

  • Subject: Machine Learning Techniques for Accelerated & Intelligent Materials Design & Discovery.
  • Arranged Invitations for the Professionals in the field of Materials Simulations & Designs Inside the States & Across the Globe.
  • Managed Communications, Developed Symposium Schedule, Finalized the List of Presenters, Posters, & Talks, & Refereed the Submissions.

Committee Memberships

American Society of Civil Engineers (ASCE), Eng. Mechanics Institute (EMI), Structural Health Monitoring & Control (SHMC) (11/2018-Present).

  • Refereed Students’ Paper Competitions.
  • Participated in Committee Elections & Selections.

Professional Society Memberships

Associate Member of American Society of Civil Engineers (ASCE) (07/2018-Present).

  • Participated in Seasonal Online Meetings.
  • Refereed Students’ Paper Competitions.

Journals Reviewer

Served as the Journal Reviewer of (1) Structural Health Monitoring, (2) International Journal of Neural Systems, (3) Integrated Computer-Aided Eng., (4) Computer-Aided Civil & Infrastructure Eng., (5) Advances in Civil Eng., & (6) International Journal of Disaster Risk Reduction (08/2013-Present).