CryptoPerHour Review

I was finding it challenging to meet the expenses of my family's day-to-day needs since my company had reduced my pay scale by 50% in the aftermath of the COVID19. I am a professional content writer and specialize in designing logos and creating WordPress mobile-friendly websites too. I had joined several sites that allegedly offered money in exchange for doing jobs like writing content, editing text for search engine optimization, designing logos and websites, and much more. However, while the majority of these sites never paid me money after I completed the job, some of them were bidding sites in which I could earn a maximum of 50 Cents for writing a 500 words' assignment. If I bid more than that amount, the client would hand over the job to someone else. However, one of my colleagues was earning a handsome sum per month through such a site.

My Review

Out of sheer frustration, I asked my colleague about his secret. He told me to sign up as a worker in I decided to take a look at this site. Its beautiful layout, the vast number of designing and writing sites on it, and the decent payout per job pleasantly surprised me. Unlike other sites that pay cash via PayPal, this online job portal only paid compensation for jobs done through cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin and USD Coin. It was not an issue as I could easily create a cryptocurrency wallet for free. I was surprised to see that one individual was offering $200.00 for designing a WordPress mobile-friendly website. I decided to sign up with the site as a worker immediately. I had to fill up a relatively short and straightforward form and completed the process by clicking the confirmation link I received through the email I filled up in the form.

I was a bit unlucky

It seemed that it was not my lucky day since some other person had grabbed the WordPress designing job. However, there was no need for me to be disappointed since there were hundreds of other jobs that I could easily complete in less than an hour and earn anything in the range of $7 to $10. Since I had already created my Bitcoin wallet, I picked up a logo designing job, worth $20, completed it in 90 minutes, and submitted it. The client approved the job within an hour and transferred the specified amount to my cryptocurrency wallet within a few days.

Me and my wife earning money together

I used this platform for doing jobs after returning home from the office. My wife created accounts and watched videos during the afternoon to earn extra money. Even though the site mentions the price ceiling of a job, you can bid for less. You can see the number of available positions for a job and the time provided to complete it once the client hands over the assignment to a worker. I hope that you too will sign up for this fantastic site after going through my review.