School Information

Events Calendar

Click Here for a one-page agenda of all the special events and holidays for the current Radiant Academy school year.

Tuition Costs

  • First child: $300

  • Second child: $250

  • Third child: $200 and so on

Books, materials, and snacks are all FREE

Financial Aid

  • Installment plans are available for payment of tuition

  • Students are admitted free of charge if facing financial hardships

  • We are more than happy to give and accept donations, as it helps us to make this world a better place


Click Here for a registered child's family portal. If your child is not registered, Click Here to register your child.

For staff, Click Here to go to the staff portal

Radiant Academy Monthly Islamic Prayer (Salah) Timetable

Click here to get the Latest Monthly Islamic Prayer (Salah) Timetable, learn a new Hadith every month, and keep up with the latest Radiant Academy News!