Quality Control through Peer Review - Higher Education's Gatekeeper

What makes higher education different? Accreditation. So why do so many academics go through their entire careers with only limited knowledge of what it is or why we do it? I was fortunate to be exposed to the work of accreditation early in my academic career, and as a result I have been involved in accreditation work not only at FHSU but as a Peer Review Corps member for the Higher Learning Commission. Since joining the University of West Georgia, I have been nominated for and accepted onto the peer review corps in our regional accrediting body, SACS-COC.

SACS-COC Peer Review Corps Member,


Interim Assistant Provost for Quality Management, Fort Hays State University

April-August 2016

AQIP Site Visit Coordinator. Fort Hays State University

December 2014

AQIP Systems Portfolio Lead Writer. Fort Hays State University

April-September 2014.

AQIP Peer Reviewer and Team Leader. Higher Learning Commission.

· Team Lead for accreditation site visits

· Team Lead for accreditation portfolio reviews

· Team Member for accreditation portfolio reviews