An experimental making project to foster dialogue for Racial Justice

Stand, Shake, Season

by DAScott, 2022

Three saltshakers, each at different heights representing the idea that equality and fairness are not the same thing.

Material transparency represents literal needs for transparency.

Salt represents too many things to mention in a short statement. Salt is currency, salt enhances flavor, Salt is life.

acrylic, table salt


by Anonymous, 2022

Existing sculpture, various configurations (interactive and reconfigurable) appropriated to model and reflect the nature of how folks encounter race and racial inequity, how they envision racial justice.



by Anonymous, 2022

Integration and juxtaposition of Type and Image to communicate viewpoints and stories of equality, identity, and harmony.

colored paper and hand-cut shapes, Crayola Model objects, cropped printed-poster images

Emergent Structures

by Anonymous, 2022

Personal experiences assemble into connected structures. Spaces between form generalizations and biases. Awareness reveals tendencies.

pen on notebook paper

Don't call me white

by Anonymous, 2022

A reflection on hidden identity related to the members of punk band NOFX and their song "Don't call me white."

pipe cleaner, ink on tape

untitled book

by Anonymous, 2022

A small, bound book with a photo of Charles Eames on the cover, blank pages.

laser printed image on paper, paper, thread

untitled game

by Anonymous, 2022

Asymmetrical collaborative game with shared goals.

pen, marker, paper, plastic figures

To Belong

by Shadrick Addy, 2022

Poem, performed as spoken word, also produced as typographic layout.

spoken performance; laser-printed on paper

Return token

by Will Nickley (he/him), 2022

A tool that gives physical form to the mindfulness practice of noticing and returning, this object wants to be in its resting "lizard brain / fight against" position until carefully balanced into its "cerebral cortex / stand for" position.

earth-covered stone, Crayola Model Magic, Crayola "Colors of the World" marker, Crayola marker


by Anonymous, 2022

A set of 10 Scandinavian norms offer a contrasting social fabric and viewpoint on Racial Justice.

ink on paper, toner on paper, tape