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100% students say they would take Prof DeMeo again!

100% would take Prof DeMeo's classes again!

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  • "I truly enjoyed this semester of French because it was full of content I would've never discovered on my own. The instructor for the class was full of ideas, assignments, and fun. I would love for other students to take this course to learn more about the language, the culture, and the history behind it all. I one hundred percent recommend French and Professor Demeo to students at MiraCosta."

Thanks for your wonderful website. La prochaine fois, je vais écrire en français.

-Anne (Baton Rouge, Louisiana)


Votre chaine youtube est SUPERBE !!!! MErci enfinement!

-Evgeni (Bulgaria)


Greetings from India, Your videos on youtube are just so great. I had my french exam yesterday and it went well because I saw so many french lessons of you given on youtube. I had so much confusion in objet indirects but it was clear to me when I saw your video of it.


-Manav (India)


really enjoy these vids mate helping with my daily study as well as my classes Cheers all the way from Vanuatu