Rachèle regularly presents different workshops and teacher education professional development at a variety of institutions (including Mesa College, Palomar College & MiraCosta College), clubs and companies.

She also speaks regularly at various conferences including: the 2015 California Teachers Language Association annual conference (with Professor Paulino Mendoza) as well as the Learner-Centered Teaching Conference at Palomar College in October 2015 and in October 2016, the Fourth Annual World Languages Symposium in November 2016, the Languages Conference (at Mesa College) in April 2017, at RI International (San Diego) in July 2017 and at the North County Jewish Club in January 2019.

Some of the topics presented:

  • Implementing Learning Styles in the Classroom
  • The Learning Curve in Teaching Online
  • Maintaining Good Classroom Management Throughout the Semester
  • Use or Overuse of Technology in Teaching?
  • Creating an Interactive Syllabus
  • Connecting Students to the Subject Taught
  • Engaging the 21st Century Student
  • Connecting Students to the Subject Taught – in and out of the classroom (with Professor Paulino Mendoza)
  • Creative Instructional Classroom Activities (with Professor Margarita Baca, Professor Diane Lopez & Professor Paulino Mendoza)
  • 3 activities to keep your students engaged
  • Creativity in Online Teaching: Videos (with Pilar Hernandez, Paulino Mendoza & Sharzhard Zahedi)
  • Syllabus – A to Z
  • Ways to bring the Real World in the Classroom
  • Time-Saving Tools for Instructors
  • Motivating the Unmotivated to Learn a Language
  • Budgeting & Money-Saving Tips
  • Four Activities to Promote Classroom Engagement
  • Understanding 3rd Culture Students
  • Recipe for creating a good classroom environment

*Many of these were presented multiple times.


  • “Smart, well organized, efficient, clear and concise workshop presenter.”
  • “Highly recommend ! One of the most informative and useful FLEX workshops I have attended. Thank you, Rachele.”
  • “I loved the practical application suggestions for implementing the learning theory.”
  • “Fast, easy ideas to implement into classroom activities.”
  • “Excellent workshop! Lots of great ideas and insights.”
  • “This was a fun workshop.”
  • “very enjoyable and informative”
  • “The workshop was very well run, professional and insightful.”
  • “Workshop was very well-organized and clearly presented. She did a good job.”
  • “I learned so many new activities to implement in my classes.”
  • “Excellent ideas”
  • “Active learning with easy to use strategies.”
  • “Great, easy ways to engage students.”
  • “Very helpful!”
  • “Excellent presentation, Rachele. Great ideas. Thanks for sharing.”
  • “I appreciated your insights and tips today. Even after 40 years of college teaching there are still genuine “professional development” discoveries for me.”
  • “This should be a mandatory workshop — polished presentation and syllabus!!”
  • “This FLEX activity tackled syllabus standards, issues, and practices in many more facets than most departments discuss. I would recommend this workshop to all faculty members, especially those teaching for the first time!”
  • “Thank you so much for the workshop on learning styles this morning. It sparked all kinds of ideas for me to use in my art history classes. I enjoyed your presentation and the interaction with our colleagues very much!”
  • “It is obvious that you’re a seasoned professor who loves to teach and isn’t afraid to think outside the box. Thank you for investing so much in inspiring us with fresh ideas.”
  • “Great ideas on how students can use a foreign language outside of class.”
  • “Simple, effective ideas that will be easy to implement.”
  • “A wealth of information on how to connect students to make learning a language relevant to their real life.”
  • “Great ideas. Thank you for the resources. Merci!”
  • “What I liked best about the session were all the ideas about learning styles and including that with learning a new language…”