The Lair of the Wolverine is your all-access pass to a moment in time when Bulletin Board Systems (BBS) was the way to communicate locally and abroad.

LOTW originated in the late 80's early 90's on a single phone line BBS with a 57.6 USRobotics mini-tower modem with LCD display.

We ran a modified WWIV v4.22 BBS software authored by Wayne Bell.

Our board had a large (40 meg) hard drive that was dedicated to being an exclusive distrobution site for software authors:

  • Datagen Software Designs (aka John Daily Software)
  • AMPro
  • WeaponX ANSI Art Group

The Lair also hosted a large list of online games, including Food Fight, Tradewars 2002, Global War and others.

We're happy to try to re-create the experience that users had when The Lair was the single-most called BBS in Orlando. Now located in Salt Lake City, Utah, we're doing our best to keep time travel a thing of modern glory!

"Haven't met anybody who's invulnerable to a well-planted elbow in the groin."
"Sometimes when you cage the beast, the beast gets angry."