EuroArmy IRC

The Darknet Project IRC service

The DNP uses to talk in IRC. For that, we're hosting our own IRC server, available only for Tor Proxy users, with SSL, Webchat and Services.

The IRC Server

You need to correctly configure your irc client (like Xchat, Hexcht, irssi, pidgin and many other) to proxy the traffic trough the Tor Proxy. Usually this setting is very easy.

Generally, you just need to browse the "Settings" Menu of your client, look for "Network Settings" and set the proxy with the Tor Proxy IP/Port:

  • for Linux is with 9050 as port
  • for Windows is with 9150 as port

Anyway, it's enough to browse a litle bit google and you'll find tons of simple guides in all world's languages.

Once setted your client, just add the DNP server, add this:

As Server:

  • army5upsnqx4pvuc.onion

As Port you can chose between:

  • 9999 (SSL - recommended)
  • 6661 (Plain - not encrypted)

The Server runs also the IRC services, that means that you'll be able to register your own channels and nickname in order to protect and manage it in any moment.

This is a small list of the main commands:

  • - To register a nickname (and protect it, it's a need if you wish to run your own channel): /msg nickserv register yourownpassword yourownmail (about the mail: you can provide a fake one, we will never send any mail, for any reason)
  • - To register a channel (and protect it, manage it and to set various settings): /msg chanserv register #yourchannelname
  • - If you need help, join the support channel, to enter it type: /join #help
  • - If you wish to see a list of available channels, read it's topic and see how many people is chatting, type: /list
  • - To send a memo (useful if you need support, read the topic in #help channel for further info) just type: /msg memoserv send userwishtosendthememo themessagetosend
  • - To read and manage messages and memo received: /msg memoserv list (to read /msg memoserv read 1 -- to erase message: /msg memoserv del 1)

Remember that we also provide the webchat, so if you're in trouble, you can start by entering it.

Webchat is available at the following addresses:

(remember that this is a Tor link, you need the Tor Browser)

Just type your favourite nickname, and select the channel, recommended ones: #euroarmy and #help