Answers to Questions about Dental Implants

Most of the people who lose their teeth miss the days when they could have their favorite meals which would require the bite force for chewing. Then they wonder if there is any option to restore the aesthetics and functionality lost due to the loss of tooth or teeth. Well, modern dentistry has come up with an incredible solution which is called dental implantation. This process is mainly about installing an artificial tooth in such a way that it starts acting like the real tooth with complete functionality.

Here, you may wonder what dental implant is. There might be some other questions in your mind. So, a few questions along with their answers are mentioned below in order to provide quicker reference to the people looking for information about dental implants.

What are dental implants?

Dental implant is basically an artificial tooth which the dentist inserts into the jawbone through a surgical process. The most fascinating aspect about this treatment is that jawbone fuses with the dental implant and makes it the permanent part of your smile. While you may have to provide extensive care to your natural teeth, dental implant needs only the basic maintenance.

What is the procedure?

As mentioned above, it is the surgical process which involves insertion of a metal post into the jawbone. The dentist takes proper measurement of the area of lost tooth. Gums and the health of jawbone are examined. It is to make sure that you have healthy jawbone structure to receive the implant.

After measurement, the dentist will insert a metal post which is called the implant. After insertion, you may have to wait for 5 – 7 months in order to let the fusion of jawbone with metal implant to get completed. You need to visit the dentist to make sure everything goes smooth during this time period.

After the completion of fusion process, dentist places an abutment on the top of the metal post and then fixes the crown, bridge, or denture on the top. After the completion of this procedure, you can continue with your normal eating habits.

What are the benefits?

Now, you may wonder if dental implant can affect the health of jawbone and adjacent teeth. The matter of fact is that proper fusion of jawbone with dental implant is good not only for the jawbone but also for the neighboring teeth which could deteriorate due to lack of support from the lost tooth’s area. Hence, timely implantation can save the health of your dental structure.

While a dental implant is claimed to stay there for at least 15 years, you can have it for prolonged period of time by taking good care of it. Take care of your dental hygiene and visit your dentist biannually to make sure that your oral health is not affected by anything.