Web Quest "Ukraine our Motherland"

If you've found yourself on this page you are interested in everything connected with Ukraine.

Make an exciting virtual tour round our country with us!

You'll discover many new aspects of Ukrainian history and culture!

Web description:

Imagine you are the young journalists working on the article about Ukraine for the famous magazine. So you are invited to go on a trip around our country in order to have a quick overview of the regions and tourist attractions of Ukraine. You will know about its geography, history, amazing things to see and interesting places to visit.

Let`s get started and explore those places of interest which are most of all worth visiting. Some additional materials such as words, exercises, tasks and video will help you in your research.

Plan of actions:

Start with functional language;

Choose the group to your taste;

Learn the suggested resources and Internet links to do the group tasks;

You have to make a presentation for our lesson.