AAAI 2021 Queer in AI Social

Organized by Arjun Subramonian and William Agnew

Queer in AI is throwing virtual socials at AAAI 2021. People of all identities (including allies) are invited to attend. AAAI registration is not required to attend the social.

Overview & How to Join

We are organizing two 1.5 hour socials.

Social A [Gather.Town]: 8 am PST (Feb 3) (Click here to convert into your timezone)

Social B [Gather.Town]: 6 pm PST (Feb 3) (Click here to convert into your timezone)

To join, check-in by filling up this form.

Call for Volunteers

We are looking for volunteers for Queer in AI socials. The volunteer positions include moderating, livetweeting, organizing dry runs and so on. The estimated time commitment is around 2-4 hours around the conference dates.

We also have other positions include conference-specific volunteers, workshop organizers, and some of our planned initiatives like Queer in Robotics.

Upon filling up this form you get to join Queer in AI's slack where you can meet our awesome team of volunteers and brainstorm with them in our fortnightly meetings.


For any concerns or questions, please reach out to any of us either on Rocketchat or our contact info given in our websites. Your concerns will be kept confidential.

Arjun Subramonian (they/them) is an undergraduate computer science student at the University of California, Los Angeles. They are passionate about research in graph machine learning and algorithmic fairness. Additionally, they actively advocate for accessible computer science education and lead numerous diversity and inclusion efforts within tech.

William Agnew (he/him) is currently a doctoral student at the University of Washington studying reinforcement learning, planning, and robotics and is the founding president of Queer in AI.

Code of Conduct

Please read Queer in AI code of conduct which will be strictly followed in the social. Recording (screen recording or screenshots) is prohibited. All participants are expected to maintain the confidentiality of the members.

Queer in AI adheres to Queer in AI Anti-harassment policy. Any participant who experiences harassment or hostile behavior may contact Queer in AI Safety Team. Please be assured that if you approach us, your concerns will be kept in strict confidence, and we will consult with you on any actions taken.

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