Queer in AI

Queer in AI’s mission is to raise awareness of queer issues in AI/ML, foster a community of queer researchers and celebrate the work of queer scientists. Read more about this and our members here.

Join our organization team: We have open volunteer positions. Fill out this form if you are interested in meeting our awesome team of volunteers and brainstorming with them in our organizers' meetings.

Join our community: More than 300 folks are in the Queer in AI slack community. Our slack consists of dedicated channels for research, advice, announcements and discussion of many topics. To join, please reach out to queerinai@gmail.com.

Mailing List and Social Media: Stay informed about opportunities (like call of speakers, papers and jobs) and our future events by subscribing here and following us on Twitter.

Sponsor Us: Our generous corporate partners sponsor Queer in AI’s events, activities and programs on an annual basis. For any inquiries regarding yearlong corporate partners contact queerinai@gmail.com.

Announcements and upcoming events

We will be hosting the socials in ACM FAccT 2021 and EACL 2021. Stay tuned for details and sign up if you want to organize (details above).


COVID-19 Resources

We stand in support of our community during the COVID-19 crisis.

Together with our parent organization, oSTEM, we are offering a Community Relief Emergency Fund for queer people in need of emergency resources.

  • To apply, please use this form.

  • Please consider making a donation to the fund if you are able to here.

  • oSTEM has a list of high-quality mental health crises hotlines available here

Graduate School Application Review and Fee Aid Program

Queer in AI and oSTEM are providing financial aid to grad school applicants. Check out more details here.

Code of conduct

Queer in AI is dedicated to creating a safe and inclusive environment for everyone and do not tolerate harassment of participants in any form. The code of conduct applies to all Queer in AI spaces, including conferences, events, Twitter, Slack, mailing lists, both online and offline. Any person who violates the code of conduct may be sanctioned or expelled from these spaces at the discretion of the Queer in AI Safety Team. Our full code of conduct can be found here.

Queer in AI safety team

Any participant who experiences harassment or hostile behavior may contact Queer in AI Safety Team. Please be assured that if you approach us, your concerns will be kept in strict confidence, and we will consult with you on any actions taken.

Past events and videos archive

Check out the archive of the past events here. The talks of our NLP socials are available on our Youtube channel.

Name changing in Academia

If you are considering changing your name in the publications, Queer in AI can help. Please get in touch with us by joining the Queer in AI slack (instructions above) to get advice and help on changing the name.

Queer folks face a lot of issues when changing their names in academic publications. Help us make academia better with trans-inclusive publishing practices. Please read this resource addressing our concerns.

D&I resources and affinity groups

  • oSTEM: Out in Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics, Inc., is a society dedicated to LGBTQ+ individuals within the science, technology, engineering, and mathematics community.

  • 500 Queer Scientists: 500 Queer Scientists is a visibility campaign for LGBTQ+ people working in the sciences.

  • Black in AI: Black in AI increases the presence and inclusion of Black people in the field of AI by creating space for sharing ideas, fostering collaborations, mentorship and advocacy.

  • LatinX in AI: LatinX in AI (LXAI) bridges communities, academics, industry, and politicians working to further AI innovation and resources for LatinX individuals globally.

  • WiML: WiML's goal is to enhance the experience of women in machine learning, and thereby increase the number and impact of women in machine learning.

  • WiNLP BIG directory: WiNLP (Widening Natural Language Processing) has an initiative of public directory of primarily people from underrepresented groups in NLP and we are often looking for queer researchers for representation at various events.

  • Black Women in AI: This is an affinity and advocacy group for supporting Black Women in AI.

  • {Dis}Ability in AI: {Dis}Ability in AI is an affinity group that aims at supporting and advocating for disabled people in AI.

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