Quartz & Granite Worktops

How to care & cleaning quartz & granite worktops?

Which is easy to maintain, granite or quartz?

When using the right products and techniques, granite and quartz both clean up quite quickly. How much maintenance is required with the colour that has been chosen is the most crucial question.

Ultimately, colour and pattern matter more than the choice of surface material. Consider the granite colour Jet Black. a consistent colour with a smooth, glossy sheen that resembles a black mirror. It won't be a problem if you have enough free time to maintain, clean, and polish it every day. Anyone with three children, a full-time job, and a busy life would find it difficult to navigate this very same surface. They won't have much time to continue maintaining the surface, and they'll rapidly grow tired of it. The buyer simply purchased the incorrect surface for them; it is not the fault of the materials.

We would always suggest something like a speckled white quartz surface like Silestone Stellar Blanco, especially to busy families. Personally, I believe that this type of surface is ideal for a busy family kitchen. It is simpler to clean and doesn't require sealing or polishing. Compared to darker colours, its light speckled pattern better conceals smudges, spills, and finger prints. If the worst happens and you damage it, scratches won't be as noticeable and chips can be quickly repaired with barely any sign of previous damage. It's one thing to admire items in fashion magazines, but it's quite another to actually live with them. We usually go over all of this information with consumers when they visit our showroom because it's a crucial step that is occasionally skipped. The best part is that we can provide you samples of the item you're interested in testing at home if you visit us.


The issue is that although people are aware that granite is a natural substance, they don't really understand what it means. Its flaws are what make it unique. Granite has several unique natural variations, including veins, markings, cracks (which weaken the material), patches, and different colorations. These patches can occasionally even produce a unique surface texture (that may be filled to make it smoother to the touch) Some people mistake granite for a coloured piece of flawless glass, forgetting that it is a natural substance. Actually, granite itself doesn't have a problem with this. Contrary to popular belief, granite is not what people think it is.

Granite vs. Quartz: Staining and Marking.

Granite staining was undoubtedly a bigger issue just a few years ago than it is now. This actually isn't a problem anymore with the introduction of Dry treat, Stain-proof solution for granite worktops and surfaces. Both quartz and granite are excellent materials to use in a kitchen, but quartz wins out because it doesn't require any sort of anti-stain treatment.


When comparing the fundamental price, granite comes out on top. When value for the money is brought up, quartz once again takes the lead. It is obvious that for many individuals, quartz worktops would be a superior choice because they require less maintenance, don't require a sealer, are a little bit easier to clean, and for the reasons listed above (even if it did cost a little more). You must weigh the expense versus the timeframe while determining the cost.

If I wanted to use granite when I redesign my kitchen again, I wouldn't think twice. Just remember to take restrictions into account (that goes for both granite and quartz). I now have quartz surfaces, and I'm well aware that they can't withstand heat from roasting trays or extremely hot pots. We simply use a trivet, so it is not a problem (pan stand). All you have to do is modify your methods to fit the surface you have. Whatever you decide, like the majority of high-quality home improvements, will last you a lifetime if you take care of it.