Q-Kit or Quantum-Kit is a graphical quantum circuit simulator. Q-Kit enables building and designing quantum circuits, visualizing the effect of quantum gate operations as probability distributions of quantum states or on a Bloch Sphere. It is suitable for both educational and research purposes and is available for free!

Q-Kit is incredibly easy to use, with a simple GUI. Check out the introductory videos in the tutorials section on adding (removing) quantum gates and qubits to (from) quantum circuits and some common examples of quantum circuits. Q-Kit is equipped with features like customizing your own gates and importing them into circuits. It can currently simulate up to 20 qubits (over a million quantum states in superposition) on a single core! Watch out for the upcoming versions with capabilities to run on supercomputers, potentially enabling simulations of many more qubits.

The tool is still WIP. Your feedback and suggestions are valuable to us. We also appreciate your help in tracking down the bugs in the software, kindly contact us and we will have them fixed as soon as possible.