Sergej Moroz- group leader

I am interested in the interplay of topology, symmetry and geometry in condensed matter physics.

I received my PhD from Heidelberg University in 2011. After postdocs at University of Washington in Seattle and University of Colorado in Boulder, in August 2016 I started our Emmy Noether group at TU Munich.

Bhilahari Jeevanesan - Postdoc

I finished my PhD in Karlsruhe at the KIT in 2016. Before joining the Quantum Fluids Group at TUM, I spent a year as an industrial scientist at Carl Zeiss SMT.

I'm interested in critical phenomena of all kinds and enjoy the beauty of their mathematical description in terms of statistical physics models. Currently, I'm studying the physics of quickly rotating Bose-Einstein condensates which support a lattice of vortices. My interest, in particular, is in understanding phenomena related to the melted-lattice phase.

As shown in the picture, I like to spend my free-time hanging out with friends.

Claudio Benzoni- PhD student

I did my Bachelor studies at the University of Milano-Bicocca and then my Master studies at the University of Trento, where I graduated in 2016 with a thesis about rotating Bose--Einstein Condensates. Nowadays I am carrying on with this topic from an Effective Field Theory perspective, under the supervision of Sergej Moroz.

Nevertheless, I am interested in anything nonlinear, interacting, quantum and topological, from atomics to cavity or cavityless photonics...I enjoy very much the intertwining and universality between phenomena belonging to different sectors of physics!

Umberto Borla- PhD student

I completed my Bachelor studies at the University of Torino and my Master studies at Uppsala University. I specialized in theoretical high-energy physics but later changed to condensed-matter theory. I am now a PhD student at TU Munich under the supervision of Sergej Moroz.

My main interests are field theories and topological materials. At the moment I am studying Topological Order in 2D superconductors, and I plan among other things to use Tensor-Networks techniques to obtain novel results on this topic.

Former members:

Oguz Türker- Master student- now at TU Dresden

My field of study is theoretical condensed matter physics. I am currently focused on topological metals.