Quantum Fluids

Welcome to our Emmy-Noether research group web page. We are mainly interested in physics of quantum fluids which are systems that are liquid at temperatures close to absolute zero and live in the realm of quantum mechanics. We are based at Technical University Munich and our work is funded by Deutschen Forschungsgemeinschaft (DFG).


We have a postdoc and PhD opening in 2018 and invite interested highly motivated candidates to apply. The proposed PhD topics are aimed at development and applications of effective low-energy theories of quantum fluids and solids with main emphasis on universal aspects related to topology and geometry. Please contact Sergej Moroz for further inquiries.


Feb 2018: Together with Tomas Brauner, Carlos Hoyos and Dam Thanh Son we are going to organize a month-long interdisciplinary program "Effective theories of quantum phases of matter" to be held in Stockholm in 2019. Thank you Nordita for hospitality.

Jan 2018: Our paper with Eduardo Marino, Daniel Niemeyer, Van Sergio Alves and Hans Hansson on effective theory of thin superconducting films is posted here.

Nov 2017: Our article on boson-vortex duality appeared in "De Physicus".

Oct 2017: Oguz Turker defends his Master thesis on Weyl nodal surfaces. Congratulations!

Oct 2017: Umberto Borla joins the group as a PhD student.

Sep 2017: A new paper with Oguz Turker on Weyl nodal surfaces is posted here.

Aug 2017: Our paper with Abhinav Prem, Victor Gurarie and Leo Radzihovsky on multiply quantized vortices is published in Phys. Rev. Lett.

Jul 2017: Our Erratum with Carlos Hoyos and Leo Radzihovsky on edge physics of quantum Hall fluids is published in Phys. Rev. B.

Jan 2017: Our paper with Abhinav Prem, Victor Gurarie and Leo Radzihovsky on topological order in superconductors is published in Phys. Rev. B as Editors' Suggestion.

Dec 2016: Claudio Benzoni joins our group as a PhD student.

Oct 2016: Oguz Turker joins our group as a Master student.

Sep 2016: Teaching Field Theory in Condensed Matter Physics in winter semester 16/17.