Important notice:

We have moved this reading course online. The remaining lectures of this term (lectures 19-24) will be held virtually via Google Hangouts and Zoom. We will no longer meet in person at the University of Waterloo for this course.

Lecture 1 (2020-01-06): Introduction (Achim, Nadine, Evan)

Lecture 2 (2020-01-08): Basics of Quantum Computing (Nadine)

Lecture 3 (2020-01-13): Basics of Quantum Computing (Nadine)

Lecture 4 (2020-01-15): Complexity Theory (Evan)

Lecture 5 (2020-01-20): Hardware: Building a Quantum Computer (Evan)

Lecture 6 (2020-01-22): Development Libraries for QC Programming (Evan)

Lecture 7 (2020-01-27): Superdense Coding and Teleportation (Nadine)

Lecture 8 (2020-01-29): EPR, Bell Inequalities and Bell Inequality Test (Kelly, Julien, Sam)

      • Background: EPR and Bell Inequalities (Reading: Ch. 2.6, p. 111-117 in Nielsen & Chuang)
      • Theory: Bell Inequality Test/Game (Reading: Ch. 7.4, p. 88-93 in Hidary)
      • Code: Bell Inequality Test/Game (Reading: Ch. 7.4, p. 88-93 in Hidary)
      • Presentation Slides
      • Worksheet: Bell Inequality Test

Lecture 9 (2020-02-03): Deutsch-Jozsa Algorithm (Ali, Ian, Gurleen)

Lecture 10 (2020-02-05): Bernstein-Vazirani Algorithm, Simon's Problem (Michal, Huichen)

Lecture 11 (2020-02-10): Quantum Fourier Transform (Jing Song, Karamvir , Guillaume)

Lecture 12 (2020-02-12): Shor's Algorithm (Xi, Thomas)

Lecture 13 (2020-02-24): Shor's Algorithm (Kai, Dominic)

Lecture 14 (2020-02-26): Grover's Search Algorithm (Ian, Andrew, Priyabrata)

Lecture 15 (2020-03-02): Variational Quantum Eigensolver (Julien, Guillaume)

Lecture 16 (2020-03-04): Quantum Chemistry and Open Fermion (Kelly, Thomas, Sam)

Lecture 17 (2020-03-09): Quantum Supremacy (Jason), Quantum Error Correction (Huichen) and Quantum Phase Estimation (Ali)

Lecture 18 (2020-03-11): Solving Linear Systems (Andrew, Priyabrata)

Lecture 19 (online, 2020-03-16): Tutorial on TensorFlow Quantum (Evan)

Lecture 20 (online, 2020-03-18): Quantum Approximate Optimization Algorithm (Kai, Dominic), Quantum Circuit Design using Cirq (Amin)

Lecture 21 (online, 2020-03-25): From Classical to Quantum Deep Learning: A Primer (Guillaume V.)

Lecture 22 (online, 2020-03-27): Hybrid Quantum-Classical Neural Networks: Theory & Example Applications (Guillaume V.)

Lecture 23 (online, 2020-04-01): Quantum Random Number Generator, Quantum Walks and Implementation of a Quantum Walk (Gurleen, Karamvir, Xi)

Lecture 24 (online, 2020-04-03): Variational Quantum Optimization for Quantum Deep Learning & Beyond (Guillaume V.)

Course grades available on Quest: 2020-04-26