Note: these are all base prices and will be raised based on complexity and number of colors! Prices will be lowered if you opt to have your suit parts made in fleece instead of fur.


Standard Handpaws (freakhound or kloofsuits pattern) - $65+

"Claw" Handpaws - $50+

Super Puffy Handpaws (curlworks pattern) - $70+

Other kinds of handpaws (3-finger, rodent hands, talons, feather fingers, reptile hands, etc) - $60+

[Note: all handpaws come lined with fleece and a cuff. claws and pawpads are free!)

Tail - $20+, varies greatly based on design and length

Armsleeves - $40+

Ears (headband or clips) - $20+

Feetpaws, indoor or outdoor (freakhound pattern) - $80+

Heads, partials, and sets:

Foam Head Base: $50 flat

Head (built on balaclava) - $250+

Mini Partial (head, tail, handpaws) - $300+

Dino Mask (furred, lined, horns/spikes/feathers) - $100+

Full Partial ( head, tail, hands, arms, feet) - $375+

head and tail OR handpaws: $285+

Ears, Tail, Paws - $100+

Paws and Tail - $80+

Looking for something else? Let me know, and I'll be happy to try making it!