About Quail costumes

Hello and welcome! My name is Wyatt (he/him) and I run Quail Costumes, a very small fursuit making studio based in southern California. I've been making fursuits since 2016 and taking commissions since 2019, formerly under the name "tsunami studios fursuits". The name comes from our mascot, quail the opossum, who you can see in the logo. I love bringing characters to life, and as long as it follows TOS I'm open to making anything, so feel free to message me or fill out a form if you'd like a quote!

My Personal Fursuits:


Liger, Head maker unknown, Body by me, he/him

Blanche 1.0

Alkarnabi, quail costumes, he/him


Vulture, jayday studios, he/they

Tsunami {RETIREd}

Hyena, quail costumes , she/her

Convention schedule:

None planned... for now