QR Learns

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Teachers: Tech Sign Up Schedules

Kindergarten: Build a Snowman (Dragging) | Coloring (Clicking) | Pumpkin Carving (Dragging)

Programming: Kodable | TYNKER | OzoBlockly | CODE.org | Scratch

Math: Prodigy | XtraMath

Creating: Google Drive | WeVideo | TinkerCad | Scarsdale Blogs | Duct Tape | WIXIE

Virtual Trips: Tenement Tour , Rural, Suburban, Urban | First Grade Trip Around the World |

QR Web Services

The links in this database represent free and paid services that are used in the curriculum at Quaker Ridge. Most of the paid services require a password. The Password document has been shared with each child in their library Google Apps folder. They can sign into their Google Apps account to access the passwords. Parents of Kindergarten and First Grade students can receive the passwords from Mr. Calvert or Ms. Burns.

QR Community Bookmarks

The links below have been collected collaboratively by students and teachers at Quaker Ridge. Curating bookmarks is a great way for students to practice organization and categorization, while sharing web resources that they feel are important.