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This is our youth program

Our adventure has begun... Our new program is here! In January 2019 we launched our new youth program at AJ2019. The National Program Space was a hive of activity, information and learning as we shared what the future of Scouting will look like.

Youth Engagement Across our Age Sections

Working with Scouts from other Sections is an enriching experience for all. You can work with different personalities, learn new things, pass on your knowledge and make new friends. Through this, we build connections between Sections and inspire younger members to continue on with Scouting.

Youth Led Programming

The key to successful programming is to Plan opportunities for everyone to achieve their goals. A great program is designed from young people's great ideas, with adult Leaders helping to make them happen. Programming to the Challenge Areas is one way the new youth program is empowering young people to take control of their Scouting journey.

Special Interest Areas (SIA)

A Special Interest Area is a project or activity that we can do as an individual, Patrol or Unit based on goals we set. It's about trying new things that excite and challenge us. Our Scouts share their Special Interest Area project stories, and how you can start on your next challenge.

Setting Goals in Scouting

"It is important to set goals as you have something to work towards and a feeling of reward when you complete that goal." Everyone has different goals in Scouting. Making your goals is as simple as Planning, Doing, and Reviewing.

The Fundamentals of Scouting

The Purpose of our fun adventures in Scouting is to develop and grow into a responsible citizens. Our fun and adventures develop us as active members of our local, national and international communities as we help to create a better world.

Achievement Pathways

Scouting provides heaps of opportunities for personal achievement. Our progression through these challenges is recognised by Scouting's Achievement Pathways. There's many different paths, and each Scout's path will be unique. Start your journey on the Achievement Pathways now!

AJ2019 New Youth Program Space

Didn't attend the 25th Australian Jamboree, AJ2019, or didn't make it to the National Program space? Here is a 360 degree walk through to take you through the space that outlines the background to the new youth program and what the new program looks like.

Introduction to the Outdoor Adventure skills

The Outdoor Adventure Skills are one aspect of the Achievement Pathways in our New Youth Program. They encourage Scouts to explore new challenges in the outdoors, preparing and empowering young people to head off on incredible adventurous activities.

Progressing Through The Outdoor Adventure Skills

When heading off on your next outdoor adventure, your journey could be recognised through the Outdoor Adventure Skills. As one aspect of the Achievement Pathways, the Outdoor Adventure Skills are an exciting way for you to track your personal development with Scouting.

Queensland Branch Support Videos

qld byc Guide to running an online unit council

Guide to running a online Unit Council. This short example video features members of the BYC from Cairns, Townsville, Toowoomba, Gold Coast and Brisbane proving that distance is no barrier.

Well done to our fantastic Queensland Branch Youth Council!