A full NYP glossary can be downloaded here

  • NYP

New Youth Program - The program that will progressively replace the current youth program.

  • YPR

Youth Program Review - The name of the project to review the current program, and develop the New Youth Program.

  • OAS

Outdoor Adventure Skills - An important part of the new Achievement Pathways, made of 9 new areas, each targeted at a stream of Adventure Activity.

  • TAB

The Adventure Begins - An initiative launched in 2018 to encourage Sections to go 'Back to Basics' around the fundamentals in Scouting

  • Unit

The New Youth Program is one Journey across the five sections, and so the terminology we use in each Section has been made consistent. So, the term Unit is being used in place of Mob, Pack, Troop & Crew.

  • QYIP

Queensland Youth Program Implementation Plan

  • QSEA

Queensland Scouting Excellence Awards - This is a new Section Based Award which replaces Chartering throughout Queensland. It measures the successful practise of The Adventure Begins elements, and a number of other important Youth Program elements.

  • Achievement Pathways

Each achievement pathways are the new and exciting opportunities for our Youth Members to challenge themselves and to develop their skills and leadership. The achievement pathways will replace the current award scheme badges.

  • YL/AS

Youth Leading / Adult Supporting - A key outcome of the NYP is to grow the level of Youth Leadership in the Program, supported by our Leaders.

  • P>D>R

Plan>Do>Review - A tool that Youth Members and Leaders can use to develop their leadership skills, and continuously improve the quality of the activities being run throughout Queensland.

  • AFCI

Adventurous, Fun, Challenging & Inclusive