General FAQ's

  • Why are we changing the current program?

We have a great current Youth Program which has served us extremely well for for the past fourty years - and has done so because of the contribution of thousands of skilled Leaders. However, external and internal research has made it clear that the impact of our current program is starting to fade. This can be expected, given the current program is a product of its time - the 1970's. Think of how much about the world we live in has changed since that time? Consider how different the opportunities and challenges are for our young people now compared to then?

And so, it's time to moderise our Youth Program, to ensure it meets to the needs of our Youth Members - to ensure it fulfils our Purpose in today's community.

We are more than an organisation - we are a Movement, and so evolution is a part of who we are, and what we do. We were never meant to stay the same.

The New Youth Program is simply our most recent change - and it's an exciting one.

  • When can I start?

The New Youth Program is made up of many different exciting elements, and we'll be introducing some earlier than others. This means there are parts you can start right away, and others that aren't quite ready yet. Please see the Implementation page for more information.

  • Is ‘The Adventure Begins’ the New Youth Program?

No - it's just one part of it, and lays some important foundations to be ready to start the other New Youth Program elements. The Adventure Begins is an initiative run to help us all go 'Back to the Basics' that support great Scouting.

Please see The Adventure Begins page for more detail.

  • How much will this cost my Group?

We're not quite sure yet, but the main cost for Groups will be purchasing the new resources (badges, record books, posters) when they are ready and introduced. Of course, there will be a transition period to move between the current program and the new, so don't worry about the stocks of current resources you have right now - they'll still be needed, but we'd suggest not stockpiling too much going forward.

We've made a huge effort to prevent the running of the Youth Program Review from imposing a cost on our groups to date, and we'll continue to do so. An example of this is our choice to implement the New Youth Program in a way that is cost effective for our Branch. We appreciate that every dollar counts - often hard earned through weekend fundraising.

  • What are Ground-Breaker Groups?

Any new product needs to be prototype tested, and the New Youth Program is no different. Four Groups in Victoria volunteered to be the first to test the New Youth Program concepts, and are known as the Ground-Breaker Groups. They started running elements of the NYP, and have provided invaluable lessons to date.

  • What are Pioneer Groups?

Once the NYP was initially tested by the Ground-Breaker Groups, it next needed to be tested more widely, and in a variety of Scout Groups (urban vs regional, big vs small, thriving vs challenged). And so, a number of Groups started a wider trial of the NYP in April 2018, and are called Pioneer Groups.

  • How long is the changeover?

We're expecting to start introducing the first key elements of the new program in early 2019, and expect to introduce the last elements towards the end of 2020.

Please see the Implementation page for more detail.

  • Will there be a new uniform?

No, the uniform will not be changing, with the exception of a new logo badge which will cover the old logo on the pocket.

  • Are the section names changing?

No, the Section names are not changing.

  • Are the section themes changing?

Yes, the Section themes have been expanded, but still allow the current themes to be used.

  • Are the section colours changing?

No, the Section colours are not changing.

  • Will we still have Peak Awards?

Absolutely, Peak Awards will still be an important part of the New Youth Program. However, not every Youth Member will want to achieve their Peak Award - and that's okay too. Our Program is significant, and has room for many journeys and pathways for our Youth Members.

  • Will the Peak Award names change?

No, the Peak Award names will not change at this stage, but the way they are earned will.

Please see the Achievement Pathways page for more information

  • How have the Age Ranges Changed?

The Age Ranges for each section have been tweaked to better align with the New Youth Program. The Age Range changes will be implemented over a couple of stages, as some policy work needs to be done to support the changes.

Please see QBSI for the current age ranges.

  • Is there any flexibility in the new age ranges?

Of course. As there always has been in the past, Leaders will have some flexibility in guiding when a Youth member moves on to the next section. A transition to the next section needs to occur at the right time, when the Youth Member is ready - this is usually within a 12 month window.

Please see QBSI for guidance.

  • Where can I learn more about the New Youth Program?

There are several places you can learn about the New Youth Program.

- This website provides guidance on the Implementation Plan within Queensland

- The National YPR website provides the latest information on content and resources

  • How have the changes been decided?

Rome wasn't built in a day, and neither was the The New Youth Program. The changes that are being made have been carefully developed and progressed over the past 5 years by a number of different groups and stakeholders. Numerous consultations and surveys have been undertaken with our members to gather as much feedback on the various NYP elements as possible. Ultimately, the National Executive Committee, which includes our Chief Commissioners, and also the National Youth Program Team have been key in driving the New Youth Program.

  • Were Queensland members consulted about the changes?

Queensland undertook two significant consultation roadshows that held information and feedback sessions in each of our Regions across the state. The first focused on the changes proposed to the Promise and Law, and the second focused on the key new concepts within the New Youth Program. Each roadshow held over 20 face to face sessions for our members to have their say, in addition to the National online coinciding surveys.

Other more topic specific questions are answered in the relevant pages of this website