Welcome to Qi Mao's Homepage!

Qi Mao (毛 琪)

Ph.D. Candidate

Video Coding Lab

Institute of Digital Media, Peking University


About Me

  • I am currently a 4th-year Ph.D. student from Institute of Digital Media which is directed by Prof. Wen Gao, Department of Electrical Engineering & Computer Science, Peking University.
  • I received the B.E. degree in Digital Media Technology and B.A. degree in Journalism in 2016 from Communication University of China.
  • My current research interests lie in
  • Image Synthesis especially Image-to-Image Translation
  • Deep Learning especially Deep Generative Models
  • I am supervised by Prof. Siwei Ma and now a visting Ph.D. student at Vision and Learning Lab at University of California, Merced, under the supervision of Prof. Ming-Hsuan Yang
  • I am lucky to have opportunities to work with Hsin-Ying Lee (University of California, Merced), Hung-Yu Tseng (University of California, Merced), Dr. Shiqi Wang (City University of Hong Kong), Dr. Xinfeng Zhang (University of Chinese Academy of Sciences), and Dr. Shanshe Wang (Peking University)
  • I am a GAN lover and hope to combine AI with art and fashion :-)


[1]H.-Y. Lee*, H.-Y. Tseng*, Q. Mao*, J.-B. Huang, Y.-D. Lu, M. K. Singh, and M.-H. Yang, DRIT++: Diverse Image-to-Image Translation via Disentangled Representations, International Journal of Computer Vision (IJCV) (* equal contribution)

[2]Q. Mao*, H.-Y. Lee*, H.-Y. Tseng*, S. Ma, and M.-H. Yang, Mode Seeking Generative Adversarial Networks for Diverse Image Synthesis, 2019 IEEE Conference on Computer Vision and Pattern Recognition (CVPR), Long Beach, USA, Jun., 2019. (* equal contribution)

[paper] [Project]

[3] Q. Mao, S. Wang, X. Zhang, S. Wang, and S. Ma, Fidelity or Quality? A Region-aware Framework for Enhanced Image Decoding via Hybrid Neural Networks, 2019 IEEE International Conference On Image Processing (ICIP), Taipei, Taiwan, Sep., 2019.

[4] J. Chang, Q. Mao, Z. Zhao, S. Wang, S. Wang, H. Zhu, and S. Ma, Layered Conceptual Image Compression Via Deep Semantic Synthesis, 2019 IEEE International Conference On Image Processing (ICIP), Taipei, Taiwan, Sep., 2019.

[5]Q. Mao, S. Wang, X. Zhang, S. Wang, and S. Ma, Enhanced Image Decoding via Edge-preserving Generative Adversarial Network, 2018 IEEE International Conference on Multimedia and Expo (ICME), San Diego, USA, Jul., 2018. (Oral Presentation)

Early Work

[1]Q. Mao, S. Wang, S. Ma, Local Disparity Vector Derivation Scheme in 3D-AVS2, The 9th Image and Graphics (ICIG), Shanghai, 2017. (Oral Presentation)

[2]Q. Mao, S. Wang, J. Su, X. Zhang, X. Zhang and S. Ma, A local-adapted disparity vector derivation scheme for 3D-AVS, 2016 Visual Communications and Image Processing (VCIP), Chengdu, 2016. (Oral Presentation)