Quantum Fields and Quantum Information

Welcome to Pfister Labs!


01/21/2021: Our group is looking for a postdoc in experimental quantum optics and quantum information (theory considered as well but experiment a priority). Apply here.

07/22/2020: Congratulations to our newly minted PhD Raj Nehra (left, below, with brilliant former group postdoc Dr. Raf Alexander). Fantastic job, Raj! Have fun at Caltech!

07/16/2020: Olivier was honored to give the Quantum Science Seminar #13! Watch it here .

11/13/2019: Group dinner for visiting student Nicolas Fabre, from Pérola Milman's group at Paris Université, at the Whiskey Jar, feat. The Weedeaters.

Left to right: Prof. Rongguo Yang (Shanxi U., visiting), Prof. Jing Zhang (Shanxi U., visiting), Dr. Anne Pfister, Dr. Fearless Leader, Dr. Carlos González-Arciniegas, Rajveer Nehra, Matthew Wampler (Israel Klich's group), Chun-Hung Chang, Zijiao Yang (Xu Yi's group), Catherine Xuan Zhu, Nicolas Fabre, Miller Eaton.

About us

We are an experimental quantum optics shop with a strong quantum information bias. We're based at the U. of Virginia, where we have been pursuing the implementation of quantum computing with light since 2004. Progress along these lines has made us develop unique expertise in generating quantum entanglement over very large scales in the lab. Our other line of effort is the generation and complete characterization of highly exotic, deemed "non Gaussian," quantum states of light, which are critical for quantum error correction and for the exponential speedup of a quantum computer.


Nicolas Menicucci (RMIT U. Melbourne)

Rafael Alexander (U. New Mexico)

Paulo Nussenzveig (U. São Paulo)

Marcelo Martinelli (U. São Paulo)

Israel Klich (U. Virginia)

Recent and notable publications