Designing Engaging Classrooms

On Dec 12, 2017, 112 teachers, consultants, & school administrators from across Quebec came to the active learning classrooms at McGill University's Education building to talk about the connections between classroom space design and Universal Design for Learning (UDL).

This was a cross-sector day of learning with participants from elementary schools, high schools, adult education centres, vocational centres, and supportive organizations in the English and French sectors.

Participating School Boards & Organizations: ETSB, LBPSB, EMSB, SWLSB, WQSB, RSB, CSSMI, CSSV, RECIT, LEARN, CSSS, ASSET, DG Table, ALDI, McGill Teaching & Learning Services

Designing Engaging Classrooms event organizers, from left to right:

  • Tracy Rosen, CSSMI, Education Consultant, RECIT, Adult Education @tracyrosen
  • Andrea Prupas, EMSB, Education Consultant, Assistive Technology @AndreaPrupas
  • Adam Finkelstein, McGill, Teaching and Learning Services @adamfdotnet
  • Avi Spector, RSB, Education Consultant, RECIT, Adult Education @a_spector

A special thank you to Mcgill University, Teaching & Learning Services for allowing us to host Designing Engaging Classrooms in two of the university's active learning classrooms.

Note: We are also adding resources to this website from follow-up sessions along the same theme. So far there are new resources from a day at WQSB, facilitated by Avi and Tracy.