Quantum technology is changing the way we think about how to solve certain practical problems. Importantly, this relatively new paradigm has the potential to disrupt technology with applications in areas of climate science. For this reason, quantum practitioners have a unique shot at helping to solve some of the singular challenges that our generation faces due to climate change.


Q4Climate is an initiative that gathers research and industry communities together around quantum and climate sciences with the aim of developing new insights into how we may reduce the pace and impact of climate change. The project focuses on identifying new opportunities for research and on the development of quantum approaches to problems in climate science which are complemented with metrics to measure progress and impact in this area.

Taking off

As a first step, we will identify use cases for quantum technologies and algorithms targeting the mitigation, adaptation and prediction of climate change. We will work on practical solutions with the highest possible scientific rigor. We envision the writing of a white paper summarizing our findings, in part inspired by related work on AI. To further this work, we will host a workshop in Canada in 2020, which will also drive future stages of the Q4Climate project.

Early supporters

We count on the support of renowned personalities of the quantum-computing community, including Prof Alexandre Blais (UdeS), Prof Alán Aspuru-Guzik (UofT), Prof. Kristin Persson (UC Berkeley), Prof. Michele Mosca (IQC), Krysta Svore (Microsoft), Ron Dembo (Riskthinking.ai), Nick Farina (EeroQ), Stuart Hadfield, PhD (USRA RIACS), Tracey Forrest (TQT) and Unitary Fund.

Get involved now!

If you find the Q4Climate project appealing, you can participate in this initiative by:

  • contacting us directly at info@q4climate.org;
  • expressing your interest in the upcoming workshop by completing this form;
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  • sharing this website with other people in your network;
  • following us on social media at https://twitter.com/Q4Climate.