Most demanded programming languages of 2019

The statistics reveal that 58% of the employers are worried about automation substituting their job and 42% of the respondents are not worried about their job because they are well versed with programming languages and it could help them to rise up in the success ladder. Here, in this article, we have mentioned the languages that are in high demand.

C#- 21% of the respondents said that this language will command a premium salary in the market. This language is developed by Microsoft and it will take your skill set a notch ahead. It is a general purpose, object oriented language and by pursuing this course you will learn about variables, operators, statement and flow control, etc. The course is ideal for the beginners and intermediaries who want to learn about the suite of C language and design mobile apps, software, XML web services. This language is essential for the candidate who wants to develop their career in the field of game development and virtual reality.

JAVA- 25% of the respondents claim if they are certified developer the chance of getting a pink slip will be minimized. If you pursue this course, you will learn about the different spheres of software development, advanced concepts of JAVA 8 and JAVA EE, Hibernate and Spring framework, SOA, JDBC architecture, JUnite, so that you can become an expert in JAVA programming. This course is ideal for students and professionals who want to become JAVA developers, software developers, web designers, programming enthusiast, and engineering graduates. The reason why you should pursue this course is because JAVA is the most popular programming language and it is the only language that works across computer and Android platform without a need to recompile each one The language acts as a stepping stone for anyone who wants to advance their career in the field of mobile development. This language will help you to excel and prepare your career in the field of Big Data and Hadoop.

Python- The 42% of the respondents say that learning Python will help you to battle against such a scenario and will assist you in getting high pay jobs. Python course in Mumbai will help you to introduce about Python development and will help you dive into object oriented programming and Django. Python has surpassed Java and the course will give you hands-on development experience and will help you to advance your career as Python specialist.

Python course in Mumbai can be taken by any aspiring programmer who wants to master this programming language or any aspiring web developer who want to get ahead in their career. Python training in Mumbai suggests that the candidate needs no prior programming knowledge or experience.

Python training in Mumbai will make you conversant about concepts and constructs of Python, you will learn how to create Python programs, master Django, learn about other advanced concepts.

The other programming languages that are high in demand JAVAScript, SQL and Swift. In a nutshell, if you are conversant with these languages you will get immense power to battle against all odds.