Upcoming Plantings, Habitat Restorations, & Established Habitats

Need Volunteers? Need Plants? Arrange a Planting Event

The PWMA will help you to acquire plants recruit volunteers for parties interested in organizing public or private planting events. Create a plan that includes your location, desired planting date and time, planting plot size, the number and variety of desired species, site conditions if possible (soil moisture, shade, and presence of invasive species), the number of volunteers you have available, and the number of volunteers you anticipate needing to put the plants into the ground. To arrange an event, contact David Jakim at 516-509-3294 or David.Jakim@gmail.com

Once you have established a garden, we will send you an attractive Monarch Alliance sign to install next to your garden for your neighbors to see!

We are presently short on volunteers. If you or your organization would like to volunteer, contact David Jakim.

Register your Garden: Send us a Photo and Planting Plans

Once you create a Monarch Oasis, register it with us: we will send you an attractive Monarch Alliance sign for it and feature you on our Partner Map. Send us your stories and photographs, and we will feature them on our stories page. To find the coordinates of your Monarch Oasis, use Google Map's simple coordinate finder web-page here. For registration, email your mailing address and the address or coordinates of your OASIS to David.Jakim@qc.cuny.edu.

Community Planting Event at Manhasset Valley Pond Park, April 2017