Executive Session Policy

Executive Sessions

As stated in the PCG Guidelines, the Stewards hold open meetings throughout the year to conduct Garden business and ensure the Garden’s smooth operation. Each year in January an Annual Meeting is held to elect Garden Steward members, review the Guidelines, Garden Policies, Practices and Procedures, and the Annual Agreement.

Closed meetings, otherwise referred to as Executive Sessions, are permitted under the PCG Guidelines and are convened to ensure frank and confidential discourse regarding garden issues or concerns. Garden Stewards encourage the active participation of each Member in the garden as well as in meetings, and will make every effort to keep all meetings open and transparent to the garden membership. There are exceptions to this general practice, including but not limited to:

  • Garden Steward issues among its elected members (Conflicts between two Stewards, or serious criticism of a Steward by another), or investigation into concerns about any Garden Steward.
  • Personal and private issues of any Garden Member which may impact the Member’s ability to uphold the Annual Agreement.
  • Any formal grievance that is brought to the Garden Stewards (please see Conflict Resolution).
  • Stewards meetings designed to build GS cohesiveness; refine GS processes; and assess overall effectiveness as a working team.

The Garden Stewards will make every effort to use the privilege of an Executive Session judiciously and wisely. To go into executive session a Steward must make a motion, needs a second and is debatable. It takes a majority vote to adopt. If the Stewards vote to go into Executive session, all other Garden Members must leave the room until the Stewards vote to end Executive Session, unless the session is to be held at another time.