Want a Hoop House Plot?

About the Hoop House

Our hoop houses were designed and built by Daniel Hoviss with the help of fellow gardeners and members of the Putney Community. The intention of the hoop houses is to extend the gardening season and give gardeners an opportunity to experiment and learn how to grow plants in a controlled environment.

The second hoop house was constructed in the summer of 2016!

There are four plots in each hoop house. Any member who has been in the garden for at least one year can join a yearly lottery to have a plot in one of the hoop houses. A member may join the lottery every year, but priority is given to a member who has not previously had a plot in a hoop house.

Hoop House Plot Fees and Garden Hours

The fee for a plot in the hoop house is $5 per year along with two garden hours. The season for the hoop house begins on March 1st.

Please have a look at the Hoop House Policy for some gardening guidelines.