Plot Assignment Procedure

Plot Assignment Procedure

One coordinator or at-large GC member will oversee all plot assignments. All communications regarding plots shall be channeled to this person to avoid confusion or contradictory information.

The “Plot Coordinator” will consult with the coordinators, at large members, and other GC members as needed. This year, Pat Dodge has accepted the role of Plot Coordinator. Please contact her if you’d like to join our garden.

Our Process for Distributing Garden Plots

  1. The Plot Coordinator will keep a waiting list.
  2. First year members may garden a standard, small or medium size plot.
  3. Second year members, in good standing, may garden an additional plot choosing one of the following: standard, small, medium, or large plot.
  4. Third and subsequent year members in good standing may garden up to 2 standard, one small, and one large plot. It is recommended that gardeners interested in tending more than plot add additional plots one per year to ensure the member’s ability to meet all garden expectations and the additional workload.
  5. Plot assignments include initial plot assignment, additional plots, reassignment of plots, and relinquishing of a plot(s), will follow a standard sequence and “roll-out” over late fall, the winter, and early spring.


Nov – Feb 1st

Returning members notify the plot coordinator of intent to continue the following year. Returning members in good standing may request a change of plot(s).

March 1st

New membership open.

Plot assignments are made as new members sign Annual Agreement and pay deposit.

April 15th

Annual Agreements are due with fees for all returning members.

June 1st

The Board of Stewards will determine use for any plots not assigned.

Returning Members- Plot Assignments

  1. The plot coordinator will notify all returning members interested in changing or adding plots of any available plots in late fall early winter.
  2. Member’s request plot preference. The plot coordinator will attempt to honor members plot preferences when possible.
  3. In the advent that two or more members would like the same plot, the coordinator will bring the interested members together to discuss and decide the best possible outcome for all those involved.
  4. If no resolution can be made a decision will be made through lottery.
  5. In the event that a returning member must relinquish a plot, the member will determine which plot is to be relinquished.

New Members – Plot Assignments

  1. New members will only be assigned a plot of their choice, when Annual Agreement is signed and deposit is made.
  2. In the event that two or more new members indicate a preference for the same plot, the plot coordinator will follow the standard plot assignment procedure as outlined above in the returning members section.
  3. Sabbatical Year: If a current gardener is aware that she/he will not be able to garden in the coming year and needs a sabbatical for one year, but would like to maintain status as a PCG member, a choice of subletting, with GC approval, or planting a cover crop is available for one year at a time. In the event of subletting, the subletter will sign the Annual Agreement along with garden member and be responsible to the agreement. Garden members will maintain PCG status during the sabbatical year.